Why Join?

Fr. Robert Barron (now Bishop Barron) speaks to JCS members after delivering a fall lecture, "Culture Cries Out for Christ."

The John Carroll Society welcomes new members. The reasons to join are diverse and numerous. The Society offers something for everyone, and there are many ways to become involved. Membership comes with numerous benefits, and becoming a member is easy.

Join JCS

The unique purpose of the John Carroll Society is to provide ongoing education in the faith and spiritual formation for Catholic professionals in service to the Archbishop of Washington.

  • The good news is that all of us (whether young or less young) long for Jesus and want to seek Him in community with other people. The Society’s members share a desire to enrich their knowledge and deepen their Catholic faith and to share its joy with others.
  • The Society has diverse, interesting members from legal, medical, business, education, and other professions and from throughout the greater Washington area.
  • The Society is served by the Chaplain appointed by the Archbishop of Washington, the Board of Governors elected by the members, and the officers and Executive Director appointed by the Board.
  • The Society offers fellowship and leads to lasting friendships, but unlike some other Catholic organizations, it is not primarily a social club.
  • The Society supports ministries of the Archdiocese of Washington through volunteer activities.

The Society offers a range of activities, including special Masses for lawyers and health care professionals, events with speakers on faith-related topics, social service activities, retreats, and pilgrimages. Because of current public health restrictions, the Society is offering events online, but plans to host in-person events with appropriate protocols as circumstances allow.

The Society offers something for everyone:

  • You can pick and choose the events you want to attend.
  • There are no regular membership meetings.
  • The Society includes a Younger Members’ Fellowship, which provides opportunities for professionals early in their careers to network with each other and with more senior members in various professions.

Depending on your time and interest, there are many ways to become involved:

  • Attendance at events
  • Volunteer activities (e.g., reader for high school scholarship program)
  • Service on committees

The Society’s modest dues yield exponential exceptional benefits. It is not possible to monetize the value of deepening one’s faith, but in addition:

  • Members receive weekly updates with advance notice of Society activities and a semi-annual newsletter on past and upcoming events.
  • The Society posts a member-only directory on its website and publishes a directory every two – three years.
  • Some events (such as the Masses, Top of the Town reception, and social service activities) are free.
  • JCS members receive priority seating at the Red Mass. This year in-person attendance is limited, but the Mass will be live-streamed.

It is easy to join:

  • You can sign up online or via a paper application.
  • Many current members would be happy to serve as your sponsor.