Catholic Charities Health Care Network

The Catholic Charities Health Care Network of Washington, DC (CCHCN) connects low-income and uninsured patients with specialized, pro bono health care services.

Patients are referred from community-based health clinics, shelters and other nonprofit organizations. Through a network of diverse specialists and several area hospitals, thousands receive desperately needed health services each year, annually worth more than $11.2 million.


CCHCN screens patients to determine eligibility for charity care services. Once approved, primary care clinics may send referrals on behalf of the patient to CCHCN. Then CCHCN directs patients to the providers who can provide the treatment needed at either no cost or minimal fee to the patient.

To correspond with the Catholic Charities Health Care Network:

Sister Romana Uzodimma
1001 Lawrence St. NE
Washington, DC 20017
Phone: 202-481-1429