Greetings from Thomas M. Loughney

As the 32nd President of the John Carroll Society, I am pleased to welcome you to our website. For nearly 65 years, our organization has brought together a diverse group of members of the Washington business and professional communities in Catholic fellowship, and in the service of the Archbishop of Washington.We are fortunate to have the leadership of our Chaplain Monsignor Peter Vaghi as we begin a new year of spiritual activities and events.

Membership in the John Carroll Society will enrich your faith and foster your spiritual growth. On a personal level, membership in the John Carroll Society has enriched my faith. On a professional level it has helped provide many opportunities to serve the disadvantaged in the Washington DC region. My goals as president include expanding our outreach to the many young people who are moving to the Washington area and following the example set by Pope Francis to minister to those less fortunate.

I welcome you to our website and hope you use its many features and offerings. I invite you to join us at our upcoming events to experience firsthand all that the John Carroll Society has to offer.

Thomas M. Loughney, M.D.

JCS President Thomas
M. Loughney, M.D

JCS President
Thomas M. Loughney, M.D.